New Chevrolet Trax

Chevrolet Suburban 1935 for sale Carryall' offering, was a pioneer in the SUV category. At that time, the Chevrolet Suburban in the world "There's going to be a long time, the" car model did not predict the number of people too much.


Approximately 78 years later, Chevrolet Trax is preparing to enter the small SUV segment. Susan Docherty, President and Managing Director of Chevrolet and Cadillac Europe, says "Trax, the car offers a combination of comfort and handling, SUV, offering a modern multi-purpose, but fuel-efficient small SUV model. But most importantly Chevrolet SUV based on the ability to develop and sell the work is a modern expression of the extraordinary


Chevrolet Trax and in recent years, which is why the SUV-B segment car buyers seen a remarkable growth targets (total sales in this segment in 2008, with 130,214 units, close to the level of 264,000 in 2012). Those consumers who live in the city in general, image-conscious, individuals who have a social life ... Freedom-loving people in the vast majority of this population, the individual instruments are choosing lifestyles.

Trax, driving dynamics and fuel economy of a smaller vehicle owned by bringing together users, offers all the advantages of an SUV. Above all, the flexible, modern passenger compartment, four-wheel drive system, smart phone, tablet computer and connect to devices such as a personal music player Chevrolet MyLink'e offering so many different features to provide maximum way.




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