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  1. USA TODAY, 8.3.2013
    Honda Civic is first small car to ace tougher crash test 
  2. Joey Montana, 8.3.2013
    You drive a Honda civic? Please tell me how loud your muffler is
  3. Taryn Jack, 8.3.2013
    Why do you rev your truck at a stoplight next to me. I'm in an 08 Honda Civic with a 4 cylinder so why the hell would I race you. Or anyone.
  4. Roan, 8.3.2013
    Everytime there's a snowday I use the excuse "don't worry mom, they have a Jeep" meanwhile I hop up in a Honda civic.
  5. Carly, 8.3.2013
    Just might be the owner of a Honda civic tomorrow ??????
  6. Honda Civic video #FeliceFansFeed #felicebrothers …
  7. HondaProJason, 8.3.2013
    2013 Honda Civic 4-door small overlap test #winning The first compact car to get the plus!! Thanks @honda  @youtube
  8. Rachel Rosinski, 8.3.2013
    Sometimes I feel like a driver from The Fast & the Furious,then I remember I'm a white girl driving a Honda Civic & probably just look crazy
  9. brianna ?, 8.3.2013
    My favorite are the ones who complain about driving in it have jeeps and big cars. I have a little Honda civic & I don't complain. SHUT UP
  10. hailey?, 8.3.2013
    day 2883991 something you miss- #paramore Honda civic tour aka how I found out about tegan and sara and… 
  11. Peyton , 8.3.2013
    So now that means I get to drive a Honda civic all weekend ??
  12. Evan Poe , 8.3.2013
    I don't think that these kids reving their Honda civic engines realize that they aren't cool.
  13. The_Pat_Hoard, 8.3.2013
    This dude looked over like he wanted to race. My dude I have a Honda civic and it's 9:30am.. Get out of here
  14. Honda, 8.3.2013
    2015 Honda Civic Type R Will Have at Least 270 HP - autoevolution: The Motor Report2015 Honda Civic Type R Wil... 
  15. autoevolution, 8.3.2013
    2015 Honda Civic Type R Will Have at Least 270 HP … ^MR
  16. The Dork, 8.3.2013
    At first I couldn't understand why someone would request a fuel delivery for a 05 Honda Civic IN THEIR GARAGE. Then I saw the name. Denisha.
  17. Adam Ruehmer, 8.3.2013
    "@LinkinLady Photo: Honda Civic Tour. " The world finally knows you're actually a fangirl, @pants04
  18. Auto Express, 8.3.2013
    .@Honda_UK has set its sights on breaking the Nurburgring lap record with its next-generation Civic Type-R - 
  19., 8.3.2013
    Geneva: Honda Civic Tourer Concept shows the shape of European things to come [w/video] 
  20. According to @icbc stats, the 1997-1998 Honda Civic was the #1 stolen vehicle in Vancouver in 2012 
  21. Maxy Desoza, 8.3.2013
    #Honda Civic Wagon Concept Revealed Ahead of Geneva Debut 

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