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  1. andrew latessa, 10.3.2013
    My new car! ?? #jeep #wrangler
  2. Logan Norris, 10.3.2013
    Washed and waxed #jeep #wrangler
  3. Jessi Dawson, 10.3.2013
    I want a jeep wrangler??
  4. Corey Parks, 10.3.2013
    If I get this black and yellow jeep wrangler I shall name her bubble bee! And she will be great! She will also turn into a transformer.
  5. LKF, 10.3.2013
    I've always wanted a white jeep wrangler
  6. Amy Wilson, 10.3.2013
    I have a crush on every single boy at Samford who drives a Jeep Wrangler
  7. Allen Hornung, 10.3.2013
    Self realization of the day: If I lived in Florida I would totally own a Jeep Wrangler.
  8. Francisco Alfaro, 10.3.2013
    I legit am too pumped for summer. Today's making me realize ima have fun driving with no top or doors #jeepwrangler
  9. Haylie Nelson , 10.3.2013
    Driving to Evingston, Wyoming because I am a proud new owner of a jeep wrangler!! #isthisreallife??
  10. Paulo Gouveia, 10.3.2013
    I am jealous of anyone that has a Subaru WRX or a Jeep Wrangler ??
  11. Beau Keally, 10.3.2013
    Todays the kinda day where you want a jeep wrangler. #cruise #topdown
  12. ?Matt?, 10.3.2013
    Today would be the perfect day to drive around in my jeep wrangler with the top off and music blaring... If I had one
  13. katie, 10.3.2013
    Days like these are when I wish I had a Jeep Wrangler
  14. Cant wait til i get a jeep wrangler cause it would be a perfect day for one today
  15. BR!@N , 10.3.2013
    Proud owner of a new jeep wrangler! So damn excited
  16. Got to convince my uncle to give me his Matte black Jeep Wrangler. That's a summer whip!
  17. Zoboomafoo , 10.3.2013
    Like starting a new life is California with a jeep wrangler sounds great
  18. Destiny, 10.3.2013
    I want a jeep wrangler. #dreamcar ?????????
  19. I would do literally anything to have a jeep wrangler
  20., 10.3.2013
    Video: Another crazy custom Jeep Wrangler spotted in Morocco 

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