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  1. cars in atlanta, 10.3.2013
    JEEP: USED 2012 Jeep Patriot Sport 2.0L 4Cyl Automatic (Atlanta *Bankruptcy and Prior Repo OK*) $...  #carsatlanta
  2. Miles Auto Sales, 10.3.2013
    2008 Jeep Patriot 2WD Sport - Color: Blue - Mileage: 68,814 - Price: $12.990. 
  3. Tyler, 10.3.2013
    my new vehicle im picking up tomorrow!~ 
  4. Jeep Canada, 10.3.2013
    Congratulations Catrina S who won a 2013 Jeep Patriot from Belleville Dodge for Boxing Week's "Win Your Ride" promo!
  5. Susan Andersen, 10.3.2013
    Test driving jeeps with my dad and bro today. Lookin at the jeep patriot maybe!
  6. Salvage JEEP PATRIOT 2.4L 4 2008: 2008 JEEP PATRIOT Vin : 1J8FT48W38D544247... 
  7. Chris Waite, 10.3.2013
    More preowned Cars for sale! Added Jeep #Patriot to Chris Waite Car Sales. 
  8. KITTY., 10.3.2013
    I drive a black 2012 Jeep Patriot with black on black leather interior & you drive a 2001 beat up Honda. Shut up.
  9. Elliot Kraft, 10.3.2013
    Just put money down on an '08 jeep patriot ???????????
  10. Brittany Haines, 10.3.2013
    I really want a jeep patriot or a truck
  11. Sawyer Malone , 10.3.2013
    @WhiskyDeltaEcho this is merica. we don't drive them girly third world cars. I'm getting a jeep patriot. merica made by God.
  12. Yayayayyayayayayyyyy I can't wait for tomorrow!! #NewCar #JeepPatriot
  13. Kevin Drake, 10.3.2013
    "@N3AT93: I want a jeep patriot." I'll take a jeep anything!
  14. Alexander White, 10.3.2013
    Get to drive the jeep patriot for the week. Hell yeah. #IwillBeBackforyou my sweet, sweet van
  15. ??????, 10.3.2013
    I need a jeep patriot
  16. Jessica Hill, 10.3.2013
    Dad: I like jeeps but you can't live with yourself if you buy a jeep patriot, you can't wear a giants hat and drive it. #logicaldad
  17. Tyler Parker, 10.3.2013
    I always get the weirdest looks when I drive my girlfriends rhinestoned wheeled jeep patriot with sorority and monogram stickers on the back
  18. tay le, 10.3.2013
    Or should I just stick to my jeep patriot..
  19. Dirk Diggler, 10.3.2013
    Woke up in a new jeep patriot....?
  20. Tyler, 10.3.2013
    Ashley's parents bought her a 2013 jeep patriot AND they're paying insurance.. She's telling me she's not spoiled... Lmao

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