How to wash a car

- Do not wash your car in the sunlight,
- To wash your vehicle cool in the early morning hours or wait for the afternoon,
- Do not use detergent when washing your car.
- Car wash with warm water,
- Use a soft cloth when washing your car,
- Dampen the car frequently,
- All at a time in the car washing, brushing beware. Vehicle top, front, back and sides taking the wash zones, respectively,
- Do not forget to polish your car, car care products, shampoos and car owners in America is used frequently, about 3% of vehicles used by washing with harsh chemicals such as dishwashing detergent, soaps tools developed for the automotive wash harm.
-Do not wash your car in no time with a brush. Sponge, which is made ​​possible, in shopping centers sold natural sponges for this preference.

Finishing second time around external surface protection vehicle vehicles per year is recommended for 48% of motorists' s not in line with this recommendation.


That is a nice  way to wash your  car too :)


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