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  1. tuk questions, 8.3.2013
    "how tochange water pump no dodge avenger 2.5 liter?" …
  2. Salvage DODGE AVENGER 2.4L 4 2011: 2011 DODGE AVENGER Vin : 1B3BD4FB2BN5466... 
  3. Bock Delon, 8.3.2013
    TYC 3800031 Dodge Avenger Passenger Side Non Folding Non Heated Replacement Mirror: Part Number: 3800031Line C... 
  4. DodgeForum, 8.3.2013
    2011 Dodge Avenger remote Start: Hi all, I'm looking to buy a remote start for my 2.4L 4cyl Avenger. What all ... 
  5. Getting me an Dodge Avenger this year!!! #YeahhhBoyyy
  6. Lindsey Rhino, 8.3.2013
    Finally got blessed with a new car! #DodgeAvenger
  7. Kevin Brooks, 8.3.2013
    My baby hit it's first milestone. #dodge #avenger 
  8. Roy Abdallah, 8.3.2013
    My brand new car #dodge #avenger 2013 #thanksdad
  9. Kristin Nicole, 8.3.2013
    I need an all white Dodge Avenger, 5% tint windows, 26's, a spoiler, some 15's in the drunk & a sunroof. Perfection.
  10. My new carrrrrrr(: 2013 Dodge Avenger ??
  11. Gunn, 8.3.2013
    This guy in the black dodge avenger please turn you're dub step down so I can study
  12. Corey Jordan, 8.3.2013
    Ken: I got a Dodge Avenger this week-- I used to Get Prius'. Me: Don't hate on the smart cars. Ken: F* that I'd rather have a dumb N* car.
  13. Mke Hallett, 8.3.2013
    Well i just bought a 2010 Dodge Avenger SXT with my own money #workpaysoff #damnstraight
  14. Reg, 8.3.2013
    "@RenaeHTownMade_: Look at my 2 Wks old 2013 Dodge Avenger so torn apart ??????????????" Damnn smh
  15. Well nerds and geeks, I bought an appropriate car: 2012 Dodge Avenger. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!! -C
  16. So my family went car shopping for me. They told me I'm either gonna get a Chrysler 300 or a dodge Avenger. I love my parents.
  17. Jocelyn, 8.3.2013
    But we gon be in tht Dodge avenger stuntin on em lol. JW Marriott, valet parking. Shopping spree. Good food. I'm ready #heynow
  18. Jua, 8.3.2013
    So next year my dad is probably giving me his Dodge Avenger. Who is Tryna ride around next year??
  19. CarSniff, 8.3.2013
    ... dy looking for a car?... Ive got a 2008 Dodge Avenger for sale. ... 
  20. Chrysler, 8.3.2013
    #Dodge Avenger, Challenger, Journey & Dart set U.S. sales records in Feb. Details 

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