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  1. Kaitlyn, 11.3.2013
    Scosche Ka2063B Dash Kit For 2005 and Up Kia Spectra: Scosche is going to keep doing what it's best at: design... 
  2. Kia Spectra Sedan Replacement Headlight Assembly Chrome - 1-Pair: OE replacement Headlight Assembly (lens, hou... 
  3. Steve Miller, 11.3.2013
    Car Headrest Q&A: How can I eliminate the fabric from my 2002 kia spectra car seats +?: Query b...  #DVD #Headrest
  4. my questions, 11.3.2013
    "where is transmission sensor on a 2000 Kia spectra?" 
  5. Robert Fisher, 11.3.2013
    I've got a Kia spectra man and I am convinced that KIA makes a pretty sturdy car I've had it over a year with NO PROBLEMS! #LeeGoo
  6. auction finder, 11.3.2013
    PreCut Window Tint Film For KIA SPECTRA 5 HATCH 05-09 5% VLT or Mix-Limo Style: $19.93End Date: Sunday A...  #ebay
  7. John, 11.3.2013
    Used car Transmission cross reference 01 kia spectra (automatic): What are all the other year/make/model cars ... 
  8. Brandon Daly, 11.3.2013
    I fueled-up my Kia Spectra, 40.9 MPG. 
  9. Sue Anniston, 11.3.2013
    Kia Spectra/Spectra5 Replacement Fog Light Assembly - Driver Side: OE replacement Fog Light Assembly (lens, ho... 
  10. John, 11.3.2013
    Used car Why is my car suddenly making a clicking noise: I have a 2002 Kia Spectra, and it suddenly started ma... 
  11. amina, 11.3.2013
    Kia Spectra Driver Side Replacement Tail Light: This is a driver side, replacement, tail light. This tail ligh... 
  12. Tots Cunningham, 11.3.2013
    Got my lil 4 cylinder Kia spectra up to 125mph this morning on my way to school cuz I was late!Thats what I call sick! #lilenginethatcould
  13. Eric Han , 11.3.2013
    $53 to fill up my little kia spectra.. Thats ridiculous.. F you gas
  14. #MexicanActivities Riding 50 deep in a Kia Spectra.
  15. Gabriel Rutledge, 11.3.2013
    My Kia Spectra just hit 200,000 miles. Gonna drive with all the windows down so the years worth of muffin crumbs can fly out like confetti.
  16. Eve, 11.3.2013
    LOL RT @MyJocNyaHOE: I woke up in a new KIA spectra
  17. #ThirstGOD, 11.3.2013
    I woke up in a new KIA spectra
  18. Nicholas Lewis, 11.3.2013
    Kia Spectra with four junkyard panels. #NewAndIncrediblyComplexConstellationsForOurTimes
  19. Arron Kelly, 11.3.2013
    Kia Spectra Sedan Replacement Tail Light Assembly - Passenger Side: OE replacement Tail Light Assembly (lens, ... 
  20. Shawn B., 11.3.2013
    Nothing says "badass on a budget" like smacking a pair of bright blue flame decals on the sides of your '02 Kia Spectra.

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