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  1. Hugh Breen, 11.3.2013
    #Audi A6 Avant 2.0 TDI SE 5 dr, Brilliant Black, BCH 10,000 miles p.a. £326.99 per month + vat 3+35 & £352.99 3+23 #CarbonVM #bizitalk
  2. Celibate Carl™, 11.3.2013
    So I maybe going in a different direction for the next car. Them Audi A6 C6s have definitely caught my… 
  3. Brandon Hubbard, 11.3.2013
    Want to get into a long conversation at the coffee machine? Ask your coworker about his new Audi A6. Hell, I want a car with night vision.
  4. red., 11.3.2013
    The Audi A6 in Matte Black.. That would be a fantastic 20th birthday present. ??
  5. TalalRVQaoud, 11.3.2013
    QAPITAL on my Audi A6! @Q_dance @DjAdaro @djbfront @DJZatox @djdigitalpunk @Frequencerz @Dj_Thera @Noisecontroller
  6. Rebecca Saw, 11.3.2013
    Hybrid for the Audi - Yes it's here in Msia now! The All-New Audi A6 HYBRID - RM280,000 OTR without insurance 
  7. Rebecca Saw, 11.3.2013
    The All-New Audi A6 HYBRID is available from RM280,000 OTR without insurance 
  8. Fairway Prestige, 11.3.2013
    Busy day at work today. The new Audi a6 arrived today was hoping to take it for a run this weekend. No such luck someone has hired it ??
  9. Nick Mulligan, 11.3.2013
    I could buy 4 brand-new Audi A6's for the price of going to Drexel for 4 years... Drexel ain't happening folks. (neither are the A6's)
  10. Audizine, 11.3.2013
    How to make even the gloomy days beautiful. #Audizine @Audi #Audi #A6 #C7 #C7A6 #Vineyards 
  11. Audi For Life, 11.3.2013
    .@consumerreports has given their 2013 Luxury Car Top Pick spot to the @Audi A6. 
  12. Doug Haney, 11.3.2013
    Pretty perfect day for a rip on the German Autobahn with lcdsoundsystem and a #usskiteam @Audi A6. 
  13. Auto Express, 11.3.2013
    You get a lot of car for your cash with the @AudiUK A6, but are there any pitfalls? Read our buyer's guide - 
  14. Air Wolf, 11.3.2013
    RIP Audi A6 2001-2013 My vintage city car. You were always there when I needed you. You will be missed but not at the gas pumps.
  15. Audi UK, 11.3.2013
    @LouiseNAndrews1 Hi Louise, the Audi A6 hybrid uses a 2.0 TFSI engine combined with an electric motor for increased efficiency …
  16. AudiofHawaii, 11.3.2013
    The Audi A6 has won Best Luxury Car in Consumer Reports 2013 Top Picks 
  17. Hugh Breen, 11.3.2013
    #Audi A6 Diesel Saloon 2.0 TDI SE 4dr, BCH @10K miles p.a.solid paint, £299.99 p.m. Met paint, £315.99 p.m. 3+35 payments, #bizitalk
  18. Breda McCarthy, 11.3.2013
    My 99ky car failed NCT minor faults but more mon.mayb should hav gone "mad" like Enda prick accused me of in #Davos nd borrowed for Audi A6
  19. Pascal Krauss, 11.3.2013
    Big thx to my sponsor  for hookin me up the last weeks with that great car #audi #a6 #sportline
  20. Audizine, 11.3.2013
    Organic beauty - grape vines, mustard flowers, olive branches, @Audi A6, & #P45SC @RaceDesign. 

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