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  1. Audi, 7.3.2013
    Robb Rept: Audi S8 'offers sporting luxury w/ an emphasis on luxury.' Guess sportiness is hard to catch in 3.9 sec. 
  2. Pat K, 7.3.2013
    ??? Satin Black 
  3. These Audi S8's are expensive af! Might as well spend $100k more and get an R8!
  4. 3MWrapsUK, 7.3.2013
    3M 1080 Satin Black wrap Audi S8 by Superior Automotive Design in Florida. 
  5. Ihab Mohamed, 7.3.2013
    Top of the line Audi S8 on the online configurator reaches around 550'000 Dhs... I think that is quite reasonable compared to competitors!
  6. Steven, 7.3.2013
    Ill even take that srt Cherokee or the srt 300. Them things is everything. But then again ill settle out of court with that new Audi S8
  7. 2013 Audi S8 all wrapped up in 3M 1080 satin black! This is the boss's car. Find more pics on our fb page… 
  8. Scott Mitchell, 7.3.2013
    RT @Audi "Audi S8... Guess sportiness is hard to catch in 3.9 sec." Even harder with quattro :)
  9. Nick Satkovich, 7.3.2013
    <3 “@Audi: Robb Rept: Audi S8 offers sporting luxury w/ an emphasis on luxury. Sportiness is hard to catch in 3.9s. ”
  10. AudiBoost, 7.3.2013
    Stock Audi S8 versus stock Audi R8 V8 4.2 1/4 mile drag race: Fifth gear recently tested the new Audi S8...  #AUDI
  11. "Badass!!! can not WAIT!!!!" @indi303's reaction to the #TROOPERS13 Audi S8 pickup vehicle... we feel the same!
  12. That Audi s8 commercial just made me jizz everywhere. Omg beautiful.
  13. Dan Crouch, 7.3.2013
    Autobahn Bruisers: 1989 Audi V8 3.6 and 2000 Audi S8: Big Audis have a bit of a similarity to large French sed... 
  14. Beckham’s £80k Audi S8 causes a stir 
  15. Brian Clark, 7.3.2013
    I'm going to miss my v10 Audi S8. But I'm guessing the atmosphere will enjoy the Tesla a bit more.
  16. Evan Craig, 7.3.2013
    Yeah I raced an Audi S8, yeah I lost
  17. Mula , 7.3.2013
    Audi S8 and a suit that would be dope !
  18. benart limani, 7.3.2013
    Me and @drwlacroix were at muffler city and the owner had had the sickest sounding exhaust on an Audi s8
  19. David Beckham, 7.3.2013
    David Beckham drives away from training in Paris in new £80k Audi S8 
  20. Scott Mitchell, 7.3.2013
    Audi S8 roaming the streets of Portland #PDX 
  21. YoAuto Team, 7.3.2013
    Beckham Picks Up A New Audi S8: First it was a Bentley Mulsanne and now David Beckham's picked up a new Audi S... 

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