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  1. Chad Johnson, 11.3.2013
    My Smart Car will beat your Audi A8 easily RT @TorreySmithWR: @ochocinco V12 though? Trying to fly to space in that midget car haha
  2. Latif Kosey, 11.3.2013
    So god if u read this tweet, please bless me wit that new audi a8 joint. I know my credit wont get it, but u make the impossible possible.
  3. Had a dream that I had an Audi A8. One day
  4. Reem A, 11.3.2013
    so my taxi is an Audi A8 not bad at all #qatar #Doha
  5. Teddy Worcester, 11.3.2013
    Took an Audi A8 diesel @uber to the airport - impossible to tell that it was diesel. I want one.
  6. Hunter Lamb, 11.3.2013
    This Audi A8 alway parked by Gina's house..with its red interior is just really trying to kill me.. #inlove ???????
  7. Jeffrey Berlin, 11.3.2013
    Chillin on the front porch and I've seen 2 Audi A8's and a matte black 7 Series roll down my street. Drug dealers must be headed to church.
  8. Olivia Hammond , 11.3.2013
    The only reason I don't mind my dad sending me to do errands is because I get to drive the Audi #A8 #ily
  9. Mark, 11.3.2013
    Blue badges should be means tested. If you can afford an Audi A8 then get a taxi to town.
  10. Kyle Morrison, 11.3.2013
    The Audi A8-L is wet Af #mostloadedaudi #drivessmooth
  11. Rolling around VIP in a beautiful #audi A8 ;) thanks @Uber_ATX xoxo !!! #sxsw w/ @themayorpete @beerdygeek
  12. Mr.Good-Bar, 11.3.2013
    I just want that Audi A8 ....put that in my goals
  13. Chelsea Omasta, 11.3.2013
    I'm in love with driving my dads Audi A8
  14. Zack Wharton, 11.3.2013
    Just offered a guy on eBay $20 for a 2008 Audi A8, wish me luck
  15. Fal Ohls™, 11.3.2013
    Driving the Audi A8 ?? I'm in heaven.
  16. Nelly Salazar, 11.3.2013
    My dad is still at the dealership, I guess he's brining home the Audi A8! Yay! ??
  17. An Audi A8 will be the first car I purchase on my own #luxury
  18. devin harr1s, 11.3.2013
    Got my audi a8 quattro today and now i seem like i cant stay behind old people drivers hhaha #fastdriver
  19. Chris Paulson, 11.3.2013
    Gareth Southgate. Management Trainee. Looks like he drives a Ford Mondeo. Roy Keane drives an Audi A8 and looks scary.
  20. Happy Bday AIKI, 11.3.2013
    I'm tryna get me either A Audi A8 Or A BMW 745 For Prom
  21. SLICK ®, 11.3.2013
    I want to step out of an Audi A8. Flooded in diamonds, Trillion cut.

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